• windows path of filename problem

    From Ni Va@21:1/5 to All on Fri Dec 8 08:49:31 2017

    I'm using a script that aims to log data in file.

    LOG = "vim-plugins-profile.#{$$}.log"
    LOG = File.join(__dir__,LOG)

    vim = File.join(VIM_RUNTIME_PATH, '\gvim_AMD64.exe')
    system(vim, '--startuptime', LOG, '-c', 'q')

    puts File.join("Attempt to read ", LOG)
    lines = File.readlines(LOG)

    Read the file fails because it puts this path: /D:/Logiciels/tooldir/vim-plugins-profile/vim-plugins-profile.5752.log

    windows 10 - ruby 2.4.2p198 (2017-09-14 revision 59899) [x64-mingw32]

    Thank you for help

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