• HOW2 fetch/use hackage-package for NNTPaccess ?

    From qhsgrant@outlook.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 9 22:21:11 2020
    Previously I read in hackage:----
    "Hackage :: [Package]
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    nntp: Library to connect to an NNTP Server
    This library allows to connect to NNTP server."
    I'm normally a linux user, but I've got Haskell running on Win10 Laptop.
    Being familiar with RFC re. NNTP, I hope to get more haskell excercise,
    by implementing/testing the above described hackage-Package.
    I previously spent some time exercising HUGS.
    If I D/L the package, can I expect to be able to:
    1. fetch & post NNTP;
    2. get a better knowledge of programming Haskel. Does the package
    include the source-code?


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