• how to be faster and less memory in this case?

    From meInvent bbird@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 21 01:02:49 2016
    *Main> let true3print = [(peval (replacewithoriginalformula (replacewithoriginalformula (fst (bb3true!!i)) bb2map) bb1map), isInfixOf "M8" (peval (replacewithoriginalformula (replacewithoriginalformula (fst (bb3true!!i)) bb2map) bb1map))) | i <- [0..(
    *Main> let true3M8 = [ x | (x,True) <- true3print ]
    *Main> true3M8

    when it run, it used over 880MB memory and still increasing memory
    i guess it need run in cloud, however cloud only has large memory
    how about speed?

    true3M8 is not a file
    it load a very long time, can spark haskell help it faster? or spark haskell can only read file

    i discover length a list also consume large memory and slow when data is large how to be faster?

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