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    From Robert Prins@21:1/5 to Marco van de Voort on Mon Jan 10 16:53:04 2022
    On 2011-04-18 07:11, Marco van de Voort wrote:
    On 2011-04-17, Jamie <jamie_ka1lpa_not_valid_after_ka1lpa_@charter.net> wrote:
    What FreePascal really could use is it's own native debugger (this is
    where Delphi still is way aheaed IMHO).

    That and the fact that FP has serious issues with some serious large EXE

    That is only for people that don't read FAQs

    And the fact that the Borland Pascal compatibility for one feature that was introduced when smartlinking was introduced (TP4? TP5?) is still not present in FPC, in casu the fact that when I use a declare of

    list_ptr: listptr = nil;
    list_top: listptr = nil;
    list_end: listptr = nil;

    and my code only implicitly references list_top via a call to a procedure with an untyped parameter, passing only list_ptr, FPC smart^H^H^H^Htupid_links it away.

    And yes, like another poster mentioned, the debugger stinks, and given that the full TP6 source, whether original, or reconstructed has been available for at least two decades, the FPC IDE is an absolute C of C.

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