• BASIC like language runs on DOS and compiles to ASM for almost anything

    From sdn45478@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 5 18:09:39 2018
    I posted the latest version of ML1 (not ML/1) which is a dual language.
    One part controls the compiler, another part is designed as a demo by
    me using compiler control macros, which define a BASIC like language for DOS called runtime ML1.

    With some effort other languages (using macros) can be created using this machine,
    FOR OTHER CPUs up to 64 bits. So far my macros output NASM assembly language. Also on the website are some Quick BASIC utilities, Commodore BASIC utilities, and Quick-BASIC newsletters.

    The ML1 compiler is written in its' own language (ML1).

    www.ml1compiler.org (2018)


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