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    I am looking for any examples of using Push, Poke, Peek, etc in Hotpaw Basic and whether I can use them to store a value from one program so it can be accessed from another.

    Vic Pollard

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    Nicholson's HotPaw Basic for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) is the best BASIC interpreter I've found for iOS

    Hey, thanks!

    I have HotPaw on my iPad and just installed the latest update, but I'm
    just getting started figuring it out.  I see it has a way to send eMail from within a program, but I haven't found out how to transfer BASIC programs from the desktop computer into the iPad.

    Is there a way to transfer programs to and from the iPad that I've
    missed?  Or, is typing an entire program the only alternative?

    Apple's iOS App store rules very explicitly prohibit apps from
    being able to download any executable source code. What,
    exactly, that means, only Apple knows for sure. But apparently
    typing BASIC source code into a command line is currently not
    considered a violation of their rule against downloadable source
    code to an interpreter (as was the case until around September
    of 2010).

    rhn A.T nicholson d.0.t com
    HotPaw Productions

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