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    o John Mitloehner (mitloehn@uxq.wu-wien.ac.at)
    has proposed a PP scheme for this that includes data and functions.
    See his article at APL92. Code for various APLs is available at
    waterloo. Example:

    @begin function NUB
    R@is NUB X
    R@is ((X@iota X)= @iota @rho X)/X
    @end function

    Code is also available for incorporation of APL into latex
    documents. See J. Mitlohner (1992), Porting APL Programs via ASCII Transliteration. APL Quote Quad, 23(1):148-155.

    o Jim Weigang proposes the more familiar "Del editor" output
    format. Sample code for this translator is available in this

    Q:What about Unicode?
    A: Writing APL in Unicode
    This section needs some work
    Unicode (http://www.unicode.org/) was
    conceived as a way of storing data in any of the worlds
    languages. This includes APL. Most modern computer OS seem to support
    this. Most modern APLs natively support unicode now. Of course fonts
    are needed, and programs that can display/interact with the data.
    Most (all?) fonts are incomplete, as there are a lot of glyphs need to represent everything, so of course many don't include all APL
    characters (or Devanagari, Tibetan,...).

    o Phil Chastney has written an article and included a Unicode font
    with APL characters
    o Markus Triska has some notes on APL/Unicode at http://www.metalevel.at/unicapl/
    Included there is an apl.el file for Emacs, that allows entering unicode charaters using apl-ascii.
    o Adrian Smith's unicode font apl385 along with other information
    and fonts is available at http://www.vector.org.uk.

    *free usually means you can get it for free from the net, or pay small media/documentation charges to get it from the vendor.


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