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    In my recent web searches related to the APL PLOT element, I happened to
    come across two things.
    One was a manual for an MCM/70 emulator. That was on the old York
    University computing museum web site; it is not on their new computing
    museum web site.
    Another was a book about using York APL, on the Software Preservation organization web site.
    Some further searching led me to learn more things.
    There were successors to the MCM/70, based on more powerful processors
    than the 8008, and at least one of those actually enjoyed some commercial success.
    One of the designers of the MCM/70 had also been the main developer of
    York APL, and what he learned from that project was applied to the
    Now then:
    IBM has allowed the original APL/360 source code to be distributed on
    the Computer Museum web site, and the modified version of APL/360
    used on MTS to be distributed in executable form on the MTS disks.
    To comply with IBM's restrictions, an MVT distribution for using APL
    comes with a program that downloads and then compiles the APL source
    rather than an executable.
    It thus appeared to me that if the York APL source still survives somewhere, making it available with fewer restrictions (York APL is designed to run on a System/360 under TSO, the Time Sharing Option) would fill a gap.

    John Savard

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