• Memory in APL

    From Lance Dyrland@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 12 10:25:59 2021
    I have an older version of APL+Win 2.0.

    After opening, I create the largest workspace size I can, which is about 1.35E9 For example
    ')Clear 1350000000'

    I will then open a work file that will have both variable and functions.
    For the most part the following is true:
    quadWSSIZE is 1350000000
    if I take away the size of my functions and variables (eg +/quadSIZE quadNL 3, and +/quadSIZE quadNL 2) from my quadWSSIZE, I get a figure that's pretty much the same as quadWA (workspace available).
    All makes sense.

    But, I have a workfile that this doesn't hold true. When I do a quadWA, it shows a figure significantly smaller than expected based on my workspace and my variables and functions.

    What could be causing this? Is something being stored in memory that I'm not aware of? For the record, the quadSI is null.


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  • From A Ask@21:1/5 to All on Tue Feb 16 02:34:56 2021
    Workfile? Did you mean Workspace?

    Likely to be either the symbol table or superfluous blanks in the functions; try:

    1. )clear
    2. )copy your yourWSname
    3. For every function copied repeat []def []cr 'everyFunctionInTheWorkspace' (you should get the ame of the function echoed to your interactive session).
    4. )save newWSName

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