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    So, in Ada, there's no good choice for how to actually DO an array with gaps in the index:

    That applies to all containers. The problem is mapping the key to a
    dense position when the key is not dense or might be unordered.

    There is no gaps in positions.

    But Array *isn't* a map, though often it is substituted as one.

    Of course it is, per definition of mapping. f : key -> element.

    Array has further constraints, like the contiguous memory labeled above.

    No. The constraint here is a dense index. That is not specific to a
    general map or an array. It is a fundamental property of the set of keys being a convex set. Convex ensures certain useful mathematical
    properties invariant to the representation of the mapping. In
    particular, it gives a way to enumerate elements.

    Arbitrary predicate kills convex, so the problem. Not array. A map would
    have just same problem: a map of LETTERS is in general not substitutable
    for a map of CURVED_LETTERS.

    i don't understand,
    since Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps.Key_Type is private,
    and so new Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps (CURVED_LETTERS, Integer) is

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