• We are hiring software engineers

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    This is not technical, just a note that we are hiring.

    We are hiring software engineers to work on our WCS (Warehouse Control
    It means communication with automation devices, and make them move
    pallets or totes in a way that we and customers are happy with.

    We have mostly largish customers, but some less large as well.

    It ca 1.2 Mloc of Ada - a mix from Ada83 -> Ada22.

    We (can) adapt quite some to customers so usually
    * design
    * implementation
    * testing
    * commissioning
    * support
    is part of the package

    Remote is ok, but willingness to travel will then be needed sometimes

    The ad is here <https://careers.consafelogistics.com/jobs/3613985-software-developer-to-the-wcs-team>

    To give some insight - the site shown here - the conveyors and Autostore
    are controlled by our software. We tell the devices where to pickup and
    where to deliver - different protocols. It went live this spring.


    What is an Autostore ?

    What we do? We control devices like the ones in this video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW3PkMMN8ns>


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