• Was the mandate change a poor decision?

    From Kevin Chadwick@21:1/5 to All on Thu Apr 4 00:47:20 2024

    This paper completely ignored arguments such as the mandate apparently only
    requiring demonstrating an expectation of being more cost effective than
    Ada. Replaced by a mandate that is apparently ignored as it is basically
    reduced to an aim of being cost effective without competition to Ada which
    was designed to be cost effective and so hard to beat.

    History seems to have shown that he was completely wrong and in my opinion
    the mandate change has inflated costs to tax payers significantly, such as
    in the F-35/JSF program.

    Do you think that this paper had any influence on making the mandate

    Am I ignorant of improvements that the mandate change has brought about?

    Regards, Kc

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  • From =?UTF-8?Q?Caile=C3=A1n_Niocl=C3=A1s@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 7 00:56:52 2024
    Why did SIGAda and the DC Ada Chapter sponsor and that Association for Computing Machinery publish that crap that is "The Ada Mandate As A
    Threat To National Security"?

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