• ANN: SweetAda 0.9 released

    From Gabriele Galeotti@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 3 06:32:40 2021
    Hi all.

    I've just released SweetAda 0.9.

    SweetAda is a lightweight development framework to create Ada systems on a wide range
    of machines. Please refer to https://www.sweetada.org.

    Release notes @ https://www.sweetada.org/release_notes.html (delayed)

    Downloads available @ https://sourceforge.net/projects/sweetada.
    Clone repository @ https://github.com/gabriele-galeotti/SweetAda

    Release notes

    There are too many changes, so I will list only the most important features of this release.

    - Windos environment does not need the grep utility, nor a dos2unix utility (which is now provided internally); elftool is now optionals and its use is configurable in configuration.in

    - RTS can be build from sources by means of "CPU=<cpu> make rts" command (the RTS type is being picked up from configuration.in as usual), every RTS branch will be named like the toolchain triplet being used

    - Both SweetAda and RTS are fully buildable in Linux, Windos/cmd.exe, Windos/MSYS and OS X; you should only to have online a "make" and "sed" (and for Windos these are available as zip packages in Sourceforge); due to this, there are no RTS packages

    - SweetAda does not relies on SweetAda toolchains, you can use your own GNU toolchain, or whatever GNAT you can pick, just be sure to use Ada 2020

    The final result is a package that is fully auto-consistent, because the core, RTS and utilities are fully provided in both source form and executable form. Since SweetAda toolchains are by no means eligible as the unique compilers for the system, they
    will slowly fade away.


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  • From Shark8@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 12 08:35:24 2021
    Very nice!
    Thank you for all the work you put in on this [large] project.

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