• Reminder that the IRC is still alive

    From Luke A. Guest@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 16 19:05:10 2023
    About twice a year we try to advertise the #ada channel on the Libera
    IRC network. The channel continues to be active and friendly. These days
    it averages about 63 users at a time, large enough to support lively and informative discussions but small enough so it's not a madhouse. The
    user numbers did suffer on the move when Freenode imploded.

    Topics range all over the map, from building the latest GNAT to writing
    an OS in Ada to daily Ada programming issues to how to use PolyOrb to
    use the Distributed Systems Annex. The stated topic is discussing Ada
    in the context of free and open-source software, but commercial users
    are equally welcome.

    So fire up your favorite IRC client and come join us! The network is
    homed at irc.Libera.chat, but has servers all over the world. Visit www.Libera.chat on the web for details. Hope to see you soon!

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