• [Ann] New version of AdaControl released

    From J-P. Rosen@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 22 22:42:12 2021
    Adalog is pleased to announce a new version of AdaControl (1.22r15).

    This version features a number of new rules and enhancements, reaching
    73 rules and 591 possible checks.

    Noteworthy improvements include a rule to check for known exceptions;
    this includes a data-flow tracing function, that benefits other rules
    too; a subrule to check assignments that could benefit from the new "@"
    syntax of Ada 202X, and other simplifiable statements; enhanced
    detection of redundant instantiations of generics, and more.

    There is also a possibility to define you own output format, with
    examples using Toml and Yaml formats.

    As usual, the complete list of improvements and new features can be
    found in file HISTORY.

    Installation procedures have slightly changed, due to AdaCore's decision
    to not provide the community with the useful tools that it reserves to
    paying customers. Please read the details on AdaControl's home page,
    where you can download this version from:


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