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    From Thomas@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 23 20:18:55 2023
    hi :-)

    i have gnatstub 4.9.3 (Ubuntu 16), i can't get an earlier version yet.

    does someone succeeded in use of this version of gnatstub ?

    my problem :
    i don't succeed to workaround this error :

    +===========================ASIS BUG
    | ASIS 2.0.R for GNAT 4.9.3 CONSTRAINT_ERROR a4g-gnat_int.adb:242 range
    check failed|
    | when processing A4G.Contt.SD.Read_and_Check_New (tree file /home/a/rapid/test/src/peers/stub/mcc.adt)|

    would anyone have a workaround please?
    it would avoid me to make all by hand :-)

    RAPID maintainer

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