• Gnu Emacs Ada mode 8.0.4 released.

    From Stephen Leake@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 25 05:27:57 2023
    Gnu Emacs Ada mode 8.0.4 is now available in GNU ELPA.

    All Ada mode executables can now be built with Alire
    (https://alire.ada.dev/); this greatly simplifies that process.

    gpr-query and gpr-mode are split out into separate GNU ELPA packages.
    You must install them separately (Emacs install-package doesn't
    support "recommended packages" like Debian does).

    Ada mode can now be used with Eglot; this is controlled by new variables:

    ada-diagnostics-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    ada-face-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    ada-indent-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    ada-statement-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    ada-xref-backend - one of gnat, gpr_query, eglot, none

    The diagnostic, face, indent, and statement backends default to wisi
    if the wisi parser is found in PATH, to eglot if the Ada LSP server is
    found, and none otherwise. The xref backend defaults to gpr_query if
    the gpr_query executable in PATH, to gnat otherwise.

    ada-diagnostics-backend controls the source of compilation error
    messages while editing.

    ada-statement-backend controls statement motion; forward-sexp, wisi-goto-statement-end, etc. ada-xref-backend controls
    wisi-goto-spec/body and Emacs xref commands.

    In addition, name completion is provided by eglot if any of the other
    backends are using eglot; eglot completion is always better than wisi.

    The current AdaCore language server (version 23) supports face but not
    indent. The current version of eglot (1.10) does not support face. The
    Language Server Protocol does not support statment motion. So for now,
    eglot + ada_language_server only provides xref and completion.

    The AdaCore language server ada_language_server is installed with
    GNATStudio (which ada-mode will find by default), or can be built with
    Alire. If you build it with Alire, either put it in PATH, or set gnat-lsp-server-exec.

    I have not tested ada-mode with lsp-mode. You can set ada-*-backend to
    'other to expermiment with that, or tree-sitter, or some other
    backend. tree-sitter will be fully supported in the next ada-mode

    The required Ada code requires a manual compile step, after the normal list-packages installation:

    cd ~/.emacs.d/elpa/ada-mode-7.3beta*

    If you have Alire installed, these scripts use it.

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