• Babbage & Lovelace - The Opera

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    As I reacted on Twitter when I saw Sydney Padua @sydneypadua announcing
    this opera adaption of her graphic novel "The Thrilling Adventures
    of Lovelace and Babbage":

    The late Robert Dewar, of #AdaProgramming language fame, would have
    loved this! For some history, look for "The Maiden and the Mandate"
    in https://ada-europe.org/archive/auj/auj-41-1-withcovers.pdf and https://adacore.com/adacore25...

    Those were hilariously funny fully staged musical performances at
    several ACM SIGAda and Ada-Europe conferences, which I was lucky
    enough to attend. It would be great if AdaCore could put online
    one of the video recordings that were made at the time.

    Dirk.Craeynest@cs.kuleuven.be (for Ada-Belgium/Ada-Europe/SIGAda/WG9)

    * 27th Ada-Europe Int. Conf. Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2023)
    * June 13-16, 2023, Lisbon, Portugal, www.ada-europe.org/conference2023

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