• Ann: 'laceOS' ~ An operating system tailored for Ada development.

    From Rod Kay@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 17 17:23:24 2022
    Hello all.

    After spending many years installing various operating systems and
    setting them up for Ada development, I thought I'd try to make a simple
    OS installer which contains all the configuration and packages I usually

    I thought this might be useful to others, perhaps lecturers/students, hobbyists, newcomers to Ada or anyone wanting to experiment with the
    latest Ada features.

    The installer is very simple, asking a few questions (several with
    defaults) and takes about 10 minutes to do the installation.

    Here is the Github link for anyone interested ...


    Feedback/critique/suggestions most welcome.


    P.S. The installer is written in Ada. :)

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