• Gnu Emacs Ada mode 8.0 beta released.

    From Stephen Leake@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 7 16:12:29 2022
    Gnu Emacs Ada mode 8.0 beta is now available in GNU ELPA devel for
    beta testing.

    All Ada mode executables can now be built with Alire
    (https://alire.ada.dev/); this greatly simplifies that process.

    gpr-query and gpr-mode are split out into separate GNU ELPA packages.
    You must install them separately (Emacs install-package doesn't
    support "recommended packages" like Debian does).

    Ada mode can now be used with Eglot; this is controlled by new variables:

    ada-face-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    ada-xref-backend - one of gnat, gpr_query, eglot, none

    ada-indent-backend - one of wisi, eglot, none

    The the indent and face backends default to wisi if the wisi parser is
    found in PATH, to eglot if the Ada LSP server is found, and none
    otherwise. The xref backend also looks for the gpr_query executable in

    The current AdaCore language server (23) support face but not indent.
    The current version of eglot (19) does not support face. So for now,
    eglot + ada_language_server only provides xref.

    The AdaCore language server ada_language_server is installed with
    GNATStudio (which ada-mode will find by default), or can be built with
    Alire. If you build it with Alire, either put it in PATH, or set gnat-lsp-server-exec.

    I have not tested ada-mode with lsp-mode. You can set ada-*-backend to
    'other to expermiment with that, or tree-sitter, or some other

    To access the beta version via Gnu ELPA, add the devel archive to package-archives:

    (add-to-list 'package-archives (cons "gnu-devel" "https://elpa.gnu.org/devel/"))

    Then M-x list-packages; the beta release shows as ada-mode version, wisi version similarly.

    Please report success and issues to the Emacs ada-mode mailing list https://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/ada-mode-users.

    The required Ada code requires a manual compile step, after the normal list-packages installation:

    cd ~/.emacs.d/elpa/ada-mode-7.3beta*

    If you have Alire installed, these scripts use it. Otherwise, this
    requires AdaCore gnatcoll packages which you may not have installed;
    see ada-mode.info Installation for help in installing them.

    -- Stephe

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