• Ann: AZip v.2.50

    From Gautier write-only address@21:1/5 to All on Sun Aug 28 00:33:34 2022

    The version 2.5 of AZip is out!

    URL: http://azip.sf.net/

    AZip is a Zip archive manager.

    Some features:

    - Multi-document
    - Flat view / Tree view toggle
    - Simple to use (at least I hope so ;-) )
    - Useful built-in tools:
    - Text & name search function through an archive,
    without having to extract files
    - Archive updater
    - Integrity check
    - Archive recompression, using an algorithm-picking approach
    for improving a Zip archive's compression.
    - Encryption
    - Zip compression formats supported: Reduce, Shrink, Implode,
    Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, LZMA
    - Free, open-source
    - Portable (in the sense: no installation needed, no DLL,
    no configuration file)

    Summary of latest changes since 2.15:

    2.50: Support for Zip_64 archives.
    2.40: Optional Windows Explorer context menu integration.
    2.38: AZip is its own installer (if desired).
    2.20: Drag & Drop for extracting Zip archive data.
    Stealth mode.

    Full list: https://sourceforge.net/p/azip/news/

    "Under the hood" features:

    - AZip is from A to Z in Ada :-)
    - Uses the highly portable Zip-Ada library - all in Ada.
    - (regarding Windows "skin") Uses the GWindows library - all in Ada.

    Gautier's Ada programming
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