• Ann: Zip-Ada v.58

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    * New in '58', 20-Aug-2022 [rev. 922]:
    - Support for Zip_64 archives.
    The Zip_64 format extension is needed when there are more than
    more than 65535 entries or more than 4 GiB data for a single
    entry's compressed or uncompressed size, or for a whole archive.


    Zip-Ada is a pure Ada library for dealing with the Zip compressed
    archive file format. It supplies:

    - compression with the following sub-formats ("methods"):
    Store, Reduce, Shrink (LZW), Deflate and LZMA
    - decompression for the following sub-formats ("methods"):
    Store, Reduce, Shrink (LZW), Implode, Deflate, Deflate64,
    BZip2 and LZMA
    - encryption and decryption (portable Zip 2.0 encryption scheme)
    - unconditional portability - within limits of compiler's provided
    integer types and target architecture capacity
    - input archive to decompress can be any kind of indexed data stream
    - output archive to build can be any kind of indexed data stream
    - input data to compress can be any kind of data stream
    - output data to extract can be any kind of data stream
    - cross format compatibility with the most various tools and file formats
    based on the Zip format: 7-zip, Info-Zip's Zip, WinZip, PKZip,
    Java's JARs, OpenDocument files, MS Office 2007+,
    Google Chrome extensions, Mozilla extensions, E-Pub documents
    and many others
    - task safety: this library can be used ad libitum in parallel processing
    - endian-neutral I/O

    Main site & contact info:

    Project site & subversion repository:

    GitHub clone with git repository:


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