• ANN: Strings Edit v3.8

    From Dmitry A. Kazakov@21:1/5 to All on Fri Aug 5 14:36:18 2022
    The library provides text editing and I/O:

    - Generic axis scales support;
    - Integer numbers (generic, package Integer_Edit);
    - Integer sub- and superscript numbers;
    - ISO 8601 representations of time and duration;
    - Floating-point numbers (generic, package Float_Edit);
    - Roman numbers (the type Roman);
    - Strings;
    - Ada-style quoted strings;
    - Base64 encoding;
    - Object identifiers and distinguished names;
    - RFC 8439 (ChaCha20 cipher, Poly1305 digest, AEAD);
    - UTF-8 encoded strings and conversions to older encoding standards;
    - Unicode maps and sets;
    - Wildcard pattern matching.


    Changes to the version previous 3.7:

    - Minor bug fixes in Strings_Edit-ISO_8601.

    Dmitry A. Kazakov

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