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    FINAL Call for Participation

    *** UPDATED Program Summary ***

    26th Ada-Europe International Conference on
    Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2022)

    14-17 June 2022, Ghent, Belgium


    Organized by Ada-Europe
    in cooperation with ACM SIGAda, SIGPLAN, SIGBED,
    the Ada Resource Association (ARA), and Ghent University

    #AEiC2022 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming

    *** Final Program available on the conference web site ***
    *** Add tutorials and/or a workshop to your conference registration ***
    *** Welcome Event on Tuesday evening ***


    Press release:

    26th Ada-Europe Int'l Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

    International experts meet in Ghent

    Ghent, Belgium (12 June 2022) - Ada-Europe together with the
    University of Ghent, Belgium, organizes from 14 to 17 June 2022
    the 26th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software
    Technologies (AEiC 2022). The event is in cooperation with the Ada
    Resource Association (ARA), and with ACM's Special Interest Groups on
    Ada (SIGAda), on Embedded Systems (SIGBED) and on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).

    The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become a leading international forum for providers, practitioners and researchers in
    reliable software technologies. These events highlight the increased
    relevance of Ada in general and in safety- and security-critical systems
    in particular, and provide a unique opportunity for interaction and collaboration between academics and industrial practitioners.

    This year's conference offers 4 tutorials, a keynote and an invited presentation, a technical program of 7 sessions with refereed papers industrial, work-in-progress, and vendor presentations, a social
    program with exciting sightseeing, 2 workshops and a Birds-of-a-Feather session.

    Four tutorials are scheduled on Tuesday, targeting different audiences:
    - "Moving up to Ada 2022", by S. Tucker Taft, AdaCore, USA;
    - "Numerics for the non-numerical analyst", by Jean-Pierre Rosen,
    Adalog, France;
    - "The ALiRe Package Manager", by Fabien Chouteau, France, and
    Alejandro Mosteo, Spain;
    - "The HAC Ada Compiler", by Gautier de Montmollin, Switzerland.

    Vendors and organisations will be present in the networking area
    on Wednesday and Thursday include AdaCore, VECTOR, and Ada-Europe.

    Two eminent speakers have been invited to deliver a talk on each of
    the core conference days:
    - on Wed Jun 15, a spotlight talk (remote) by Anita Carleton,
    Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA,
    about "Envisioning the Future of Software Engineering";
    - on Thu June 16, a keynote talk by Cristina (Crista) Lopes, School
    of Computer Sciences, University of California at Irvine, USA,
    who will present her study on "The Curious Case of Code Duplication
    in Github".

    The technical program on Wednesday and Thursday presents 7 sessions
    with 9 journal-track refereed technical papers, 9 industrial, 12 work-in-progress, and 2 vendor presentations in sessions on: Uses of
    Ada, Real-Time Systems 1, Development Challenges, Advanced Systems, Special-Purpose Systems, Verification Challenges, Real-Time Systems 2.

    On Friday the conference hosts for the 7th year the workshop on
    "Challenges and new Approaches for Dependable and Cyber-Physical
    Systems Engineering" (DeCPS 2022), as well as the International
    Workshop "AADL Unveiled by its Practitioners (ADEPT), and a
    Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) Meeting on the "Future of ASIS and Vendor
    Independent Tools".

    Peer-reviewed papers have been submitted to a special issue
    of the Journal of Systems Architecture and are heading towards
    final acceptance as open-access publications. Industrial and
    work-in-progress presentations, together with tutorial abstracts,
    will be offered publication in the Ada User Journal, the quarterly
    magazine of Ada-Europe.

    The social program includes for all tutorial and conference
    participants on Tuesday evening a Welcome Aperitif with beer tasting
    (sponsored by VECTOR) in the "Il Trovatore" lounge, a restored medieval
    cellar. On Wednesday evening, a private visit to the Gothic-style St
    Bavo's Cathedral and its artistic treasures including the world-famous
    Lam Gods altarpiece, followed by the Conference Banquet in the Abt,
    the only brasserie from the famous Orval Trappist beer brewery. And on Thursday evening a boat tour in the canals that encircle the medieval
    center of Ghent, followed by a conference dinner at the Carlos Quinto restaurant, a short walk across the heart of town from the boat pier.

    The Best Presentation Award will be offered during the Closing session.

    The full program is available on the conference web site.
    Online registration is still possible.


    Latest updates:

    The 16-page "Final Program" is available at www.ada-europe.org/conference2022/docs/AEiC_2022_Final_Program.pdf.

    Check out the tutorials in the PDF program, or in the schedule at www.ada-europe.org/conference2022/tutorials.html.

    Registration is done on-line. For all details, select
    "Registration" at www.ada-europe.org/conference2022 or go directly
    to https://registration.ada-europe.org.

    A printed Conference Booklet with abstracts of all technical papers
    and industrial presentations will be included in every conference
    handout, and is available at www.ada-europe.org/conference2022/docs/AEiC_2022_Booklet_of_Presentations.pdf.

    AEiC 2022 is sponsored by Ada-Europe (www.ada-europe.org),
    AdaCore (www.adacore.com), and VECTOR (www.vector.com/int/en/products/products-a-z/software/vectorcast).

    Help promote the conference by advertising it.
    Recommended Twitter hashtags: #AEiC2022 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming.


    Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
    Please circulate widely.

    Dirk Craeynest, AEiC 2022 Publicity Chair

    * 26th Ada-Europe Int.Conf. Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2022)
    * June 14-17, 2022, Ghent, Belgium * www.ada-europe.org/conference2022


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