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    Please consider contributing to this workshop sponsored by ACM SIGAda:

    HILT-2022 - Supporting a Rigorous Approach to Software Development

    Website is: https://conf.researchr.org/home/hilt-2022

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    Please consider contributing to this workshop sponsored by ACM SIGAda:

    HILT-2022 - Supporting a Rigorous Approach to Software Development

    This is the seventh in the HILT series of conferences and workshops focused on the use of High Integrity Language Technology to address challenging issues in the engineering of highly complex critical software systems.

    High Integrity Language Technologies have been tackling the challenges of building efficient, safe, reliable software for decades. Critical software as a domain is quickly expanding beyond embedded real-time control applications to the increasing
    reliance on complex software for the basic functioning of businesses, governments, and society in general.

    For its 2022 edition, HILT will be a workshop of the 37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE’2022. The workshop will be held on October 14th 2022.

    See ASE’2022 (https://conf.researchr.org/home/ase-2022) for details on the venue and registration.


    HILT 2022 will focus on the increasing synergies between formal methods (theorem provers, SAT, SMT, etc.), advanced static analysis (model checking, abstract interpretation), software design and modeling, and safety-oriented languages. From separate
    fields of research, we now observe a stronger interconnection between formal methods, advanced analytics, modeling and design of software, and safety features in programming languages. Programming languages for safety-critical systems now routinely
    integrate theorem proving capabilities like C/ACSL or Ada/SPARK2014. Theorem provers such as Coq, Lean, or Isabelle have established themselves as a viable strategy to implement compilers or properly define the semantics of domain-specific languages.
    Tools for verifying modeling languages such as AADL, Lustre, and Simulink are becoming more widely available, and with the emergence of the Rust language and the release of Ada 2022, safety is rising to the top of concerns for critical systems developers.

    The HILT’2022 workshop seeks to explore ways High Integrity Language Technologies leverage recent advances in practical formal methods and language design to deliver the next generation of safety-critical systems.

    Call for Papers

    This workshop is focused on the practical use of High Integrity languages, technologies, and methodologies that enable expedited design and development of software-intensive systems.

    Key areas of interest include experience and research into:

    Practical use of formal methods at industrial scale
    IDE-support for formal methods
    Model-level analysis tools for systems like SysML, AADL, Lustre, or Simulink
    Continuous Integration and Deployment based on advanced static analysis tools
    Safety-Oriented Programming Language features *Qualification of Language Tools for critical systems use

    The workshop accepts either short abstracts (2-3 pages) for presentation, or full papers (up to 8 pages).

    Submissions should conform, at time of submission, to the ACM Proceedings Template:

    The workshop proceedings will be published in the ACM Ada Letters. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to contribute to a special issue of the Springer Journal on Software and Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT).
    Paper submission

    Submit your paper through Easychair at

    Important Dates

    Submission Deadline: July, 1 2022
    Notification to authors: August, 1 2022
    Workshop Date: October 14th 2022.

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