• ANN: SweetAda 0.10

    From Gabriele Galeotti@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 12 14:54:29 2022
    Hi all,

    I've just released SweetAda 0.10.

    SweetAda is a lightweight development framework to create Ada systems on a wide range
    of machines. Please refer to https://www.sweetada.org.

    Release notes @ https://www.sweetada.org/release_notes.html.
    Downloads available @ https://sourceforge.net/projects/sweetada.

    This release comes with a huge cleanup of the whole system, with many changes in all areas. The build system seems pretty efficient and stable, with no redundant actions, and is able to accomodate a large set of configuration.

    The profile agrees with Ravenscar, and all platforms tested run OK, albeit many of them in a very simple manner. Interrupt handling is for some CPUs still only a placeholder, but many of them are able to handle at least a simple timer in order to have a
    raw notion of time.

    There is a Monitor module (very exemplary) to do user interaction and the Srecord module that could be used as a built-in tool to execute fragments of code. The Time module should provide basic capabilities in order to manipulate a datetime.

    Many other changes, large cosmetic refinements and an improved documentation. Syntax changes to adhere Ada 2012/202x and some generics removed from I/O layers to simplify the code and gain speed.

    With SweetAda 0.10, I provide also new toolchains based on GCC 11.3.0 (release-20220429), you can found them at SweetAda home or at SourceForge. QEMU emulators are bumped at 7.0.0 (release-20220504).

    Unfortunately, I cannot longer provide OS X toolchains due to increasing difficulties in building the software (GCC and LLVM disagree on the syntax of some CPU instructions), and lack of time, sorry. But this shouldn't be a problem since SweetAda should
    be toolchain-agnostic.


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