• ANN: SparForte 2.5

    From Ken Burtch@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 27 06:00:12 2022
    SparForte is my Ada-based shell, scripting language and template engine.

    Version 2.5 is available from www.sparforte.com.

    Changes since 2.4:

    New features/examples: 23
    Changes: 8
    Fixes: 26

    Known Issues

    On Raspian Bullseye, the calendar package has rounding errors. Possibly due to increased precision of time values in kernel.
    On FreeBSD 13, "environment corrupt" errors are being reported when the spar command runs another spar command. Possibly due to out-of-data GCC Ada for FreeBSD.
    Tab completion does not work correctly on directory names containing spaces.

    Change Log can be viewed here: https://www.sparforte.com/news/2022/news_apr2022.html

    A summary of new features can be viewed here: https://www.pegasoft.ca/coder/coder_january_2022.html

    SparForte is my hobby and is built with the support of volunteers. It is open source and is about 123,000 lines of code. It has been in development since 2001.

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