• "Modernizing your code with C++20" by phil nash

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    "Modernizing your code with C++20" by phil nash

    "C++20 is here! In fact, as we head towards 2022, it’s been here a
    while. It may surprise some, but we’re only a few months from a freeze
    on new proposals for C++23! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. C++20
    is a big release - at least the biggest since C++11 - some have said
    it's the biggest since the first standard in 1998!"

    "Another possible surprise is that support for C++20 is currently better
    in GCC and MSVC++ than in Clang. Nonetheless, significant chunks of the
    new language and library features are widely available across the three
    major compilers, already. Many of them, including some less well known features, are there to make common things safer and easier. So we’ve
    been hard at work implementing analyzer rules to help us all take full advantage of the latest incarnation of “Modern C++”. This is just the start, but we already have 28 C++20-specific rules in the latest
    releases of all our products (with many more in development)."


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