• More philosophy about how to avoid tribalism and how to avoid extremism

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    More philosophy about how to avoid tribalism and how to avoid extremism that hurts..

    I am a white arab from Morocco, and i think i am smart since i have also invented many scalable algorithms and algorithms..

    I think i am smart, and i will say that so that to avoid tribalism
    and extremism that hurts, you have also to know how to be the "positive" energy, since the positive energy is also good for productivity and quality, since i think that white supremacists and neo-nazis are also too much "negative" energy that is not good
    for productivity and for quality, also they have the tendency to be dictatorship and it is not good, so read my below thoughts about the why of Democracy and about wich kind of Democracy that we have to be so that to understand, and speaking about the
    positive energy and its positive effect on productivity and quality, here is more logical proof of it, read the following news so that to notice it:

    What impact is a developer's dissatisfaction likely to have on their productivity?

    Reality, supported by scientific studies , shows that a worker is more productive when he is happy in the workplace.

    Read more here so that to notice it:


    And here is one of my proverbs about the positive energy:

    "A beautiful song of Love or a beautiful poem of Love
    is like a positive spirit of positive energy that gives a soul to a body
    or that gives life to the dead man."

    More philosophy about tribalism and about the white supremacists and neo-nazis..

    I invite you to read the following white supremacist and neo-nazi article of national vanguard that is a white supremacist and neo-nazi website:


    I think i am smart, and i think that from the above article you
    can notice the behavior of white supremacists and neo-nazis,
    so they are a kind of archaic tribalism, so they are looking
    at other ethnic groups like asians and jewish etc. as enemies,
    and i think that it is an inferior conception and it is
    an archaic tribalism that we have to transcend, and speaking
    about tribalism, here is what i have just said in my philosophy
    about tribalism:

    Here is the definition of tribalism:

    "Strong in-group loyalty"

    Read here in the dictionary:


    So tribalism comes with this "strong" loyality of tribalism, so i think
    that this "strong" loyality can bring problems, this is why i am talking
    as i am talking about it in my below thoughts by showing how to solve
    the problem of tribalism:

    More of my philosophy about how to solve the problem of tribalism and more..

    I think we can solve the problem of tribalism by the way of knowing
    how to be the right "compromise", and we can be the right compromise
    by knowing how to avoid extremism that hurts, for example
    i have just made a logical analogy between software projects
    and Democracy and notice how i am talking about Democracy in it, here it is:

    More of philosophy about Democracy and the Evolutionary Design methodology..

    I will make a logical analogy between software projects and Democracy,
    first i will say that because of the today big complexity of software
    projects, so the "requirements" of those complex software projects are
    not clear and a lot could change in them, so this is
    why we are using an Evolutionary Design methodology with different tools
    such as Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Design Patterns,
    Continuous Integration, Domain Driven Design, but we have to notice
    carefully that an important thing in Evolutionary Design methodology is
    that when those complex software projects grow, we have first to
    normalize there growth by ensuring that the complex software projects
    grow "nicely" and "balanced" by using standards, and second we have to
    optimize growth of the complex software projects by balancing between
    the criteria of the easy to change the complex software projects and the performance of the complex software projects, and third you have to
    maximize the growth of the complex software projects by making the most
    out of each optimization, and i think that by logical analogy we can
    notice that in Democracy we have also to normalize the growth by not
    allowing "extremism" or extremist ideologies that hurt Democracy, and we
    have also to optimize Democracy by for example well balancing between "performance" of the society and in the Democracy and the "reliability"
    of helping others like the weakest members of the society among the
    people that of course respect the laws, and so that to understand more
    my thoughts of my philosophy about Democracy, i invite you to read them


    And read my thoughts of my philosophy in the following link:


    More of my philosophy about my new monotheistic religion and more..

    I think i am smart, so i will ask a philosophical question of:

    Are we truly living in a simulation ?

    I have just thought about it more, and i think that we are
    not living in a simulation, since there must be a "plan" from
    this God or Gods that make us live in a simulation, and the plan
    can not be that Hazardous Asteroids that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago have been created by a simulation, so i think
    that there remain a possibility that the following of
    outer body experiences is i think like a proof of the existence of
    the "soul" from God and of God:

    "A University of Southampton study has revealed that people could still experience consciousness for up to three minutes after the heart stops

    The study interviewed 2,060 patients from Austria, USA and the UK who
    have all suffered a cardiac arrest.

    The Express reports that 40% could recall some form of awareness after
    being pronounced clinically dead.

    One 57-year old man seemed to confirm an outer body experience by
    recalling everything that was going on around him with eerie accuracy
    while he was technically dead."

    Read more here:


    And read the following that also talks about study the two per cent of outer body experience that exhibited full awareness with explicit recall of “seeing” and “hearing” events – or out-of-body )

    Read more here:


    And in my new monotheistic religion God has not created our universe
    or multiverse, read about my new monotheistic religion in the following
    so that to understand:


    More of my philosophy about beautiful arabic music and about arabs and more..

    So i invite you to listen carefully to the following beautiful arabic music so that to know more about arabs:


    And read my philosophy in the following link:


    And read my following proverbs that i think are flexible from the start and that i have just invented quickly, here they are and read them carefully:


    And read my following poems of Love that i think are flexible from the start, here they are and read them carefully:


    And read carefully about my new monotheistic religion here, since i am your new prophet from God:


    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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