• Re: We are being bombarded by SPAM

    From yeti@21:1/5 to Phil Burton on Mon Dec 25 00:46:33 2023
    Phil Burton <phil.burton2@gmail.com> writes:

    Every day now I connect to this group and report all the SPAM
    messages. However, Google Groups admins don't seem to be responsive.

    I see no spam here.

    Get a provider that cares.

    Can one of the group moderators contact Google about this issue? I
    would hate to see this group die due to spammers.

    What for? Google already announced Usenet suicide:

    | Google Groups ending support for Usenet
    | If you work with Usenet groups in Google Groups, support for these
    | groups is ending soon.


    Get a sane provider. It'll be a totally new experience!

    [2023-12-15]: Google announces Google Groups' "Usenet Suicide" to happen
    two months later.
    [2024-02-15]: Google Groups' "Usenet Suicide".
    (((((((((((((( Now let us celebrate both dates each year! ))))))))))))))

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