• VRML 2.0 Parser for C++

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    I have a copy of parse2.zip. Email me if you want it. Note that it
    just parses a vrml2 file, it does not build a scene graph representation. Also, if you don't have flex/bison and a C++ compiler with STL support,
    it won't be very useful. And due to the reliance on bison, any program
    using the parser falls under the gnu copyleft (I don't know how much
    work it is to convert it to lex/yacc, but I don't think lex has
    exclusive states which are used in the scanner. Apparently Draw has
    done it though since they are selling products -Openworlds- which
    look like they were based on this parser :)

    BTW, I am not the author of the parser (I think Gavin Bell was, with
    porting by Daniel Woods), just a satisfied user (Hi to Daniel - remember
    me when I was at Fluent?)

    If anyone is interested in working on a browser, I have started one (currently only supports drawing a few types of geometry nodes). Let
    me know if you are interested in collaborating. My goal is a freeware
    vrml2 browser in c++ for unix/windows.

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    "David Martin" <dbm@immerse.com> wrote:

    In the old vrml.sgi.com/developer website there was a file called parse2.zip... It included the C++ source code for a VRML 2.0 parser... I would love to grab the file, but the new web site seems to have nuked any trace of it that I might find. Anybody know where I could grab a copy of the

    Please reply by e-mail... And thanks a bunch!


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    And due to the reliance on bison, any program
    using the parser falls under the gnu copyleft


    Bison has the following exception in the output file:

    /* As a special exception, you may create a larger work that contains
    part or all of the Bison parser skeleton and distribute that work
    under terms of your choice, so long as that work isn't itself a
    parser generator using the skeleton or a modified version thereof
    as a parser skeleton. Alternatively, if you modify or redistribute
    the parser skeleton itself, you may (at your option) remove this
    special exception, which will cause the skeleton and the resulting
    Bison output files to be licensed under the GNU General Public
    License without this special exception.

    This special exception was added by the Free Software Foundation in
    version 2.2 of Bison. */

    so long

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