• Memory Initialization Files in Modelsim

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I want to simulate a VHDL design. It includes RAM structures
    with .mif files (memory initialization files in QuartusII).
    Modelsim seems not to support that kind of files.
    So I use .hex files.
    In QuartusII they can be included in the MegaWizard-
    But how do I involve these .hex files when simulating in Modelsim?
    Do they have to be compiled additionally to the
    design VHDL files or do they have to be linked to in the testbench?
    When trying to simulate after compiling the VHDL modules I get
    an error message "Fatal error ... altera_mf.vhd ... not found".

    Kind regards
    Andres Vazquez
    G & D
    System Development

    Fast Forward 15 years.....

    Following loading of a design in to Modelsim (vsim command), data can be imported into any piece of memory to intialise it (mem load command). Check out the command reference from the the Modelsim/Questa Help menue, it has all the info you need.

    GG - VHDL D&V Engineer.

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