• Need CFD help -- 2 items

    From Bob Roos@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 3 14:03:14 2021
    Yes, it is old stuff. I wrote these programs in 1995 and still have 2 users.

    #1 I need to add a printer and looking at specification for LPT1 I see

    ReportDevice STRING('LPT1 {86}')

    What is the 86 for? Do I need to change it for LPT2?

    #2 When I open an APP in the development environment it immediately closes with FILE NOT FOUND but doesn't tell me which file. I played with another APP and experimented and if the DCT was missing it would tell me. Also if the STY was missing I got a
    meaningful message. I remember that this was something somewhat trivial to fix, but I don't remember what file it was. I check the .PR file and fixed one error there, but still get the message.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated. The programs and CFD itself run great under vDOS. If I can help anyone with using that please let me know.

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