• Enable Sort Headers - Best Embed

    From Colin Reynolds@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 24 04:32:35 2021
    Hi All,
    Struggling with this one.
    I have a browse with 4 tabs on it and, I have 'Enable Sort Headers' turned on. It works perfectly except for 1 issue that I cannot seem to resolve.
    When I select a different Tab, then click on a column header, I would like the list to scroll back to the top of the file.
    At present, scrolling upwards(?) from the selected record does not work but, typing the first letter of the required record does.
    It's 'doing my head in' as I appeared to have missed something 'obvious'.

    What is the best embed point to try and change this behaviour?
    Is there a 'cure' for the mouse behaviour?

    Any suggestions?


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