• Using Start with a variable procedure name.

    From Colin Reynolds@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 11 05:21:42 2021
    For Reference, Clarion 9/Windows 7
    I am trying to implement user personalised menus with buttons that access variable procedure names.

    The procedures are defined in a user file and reflect whether or not users have access to a procedure.

    Problem is that I do NOT know which procedures to include at compile time, and therefore, need to assign them programatically.

    There are well over 100 procedures in tha app, so using a 'CASE' statement on each button is not practical.

    What I would like to do is use the START function with a variable name.
    This is a little bit of the code that will be inserted on each button;
    prog = 'IN01' !Procedure Module Name
    Loc:Prog1 = Prog !Copy to a local variable
    // For testing purposes
    message(evaluate(loc:prog1)) !Works correctly and returns IN01
    I have tried many permutations of START(loc:prog1) and just cannot get it to accept a variable procedure name.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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