• Clarion for Dos Version 2.1

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    On Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 9:00:00 AM UTC+2, The Wapakoneta Machine Company wrote:
    I'm new to clarion and have the unfortunate responsibity to rewrite an application written in Clarion 2.1 for Dos. We recently purchased
    Clarion for Windows 1.5 and I was wondering if there is anyway to
    convert the dos version into the Windows version. I have never worked
    with clarion before I would be interested any help I can get.
    Thanks in advance
    Jerry Pitchford
    hi jerry

    did your upgrade work. i write in clarion 2.1, And want to upgrade my program system .

    i do it for my own bussines +263774444682 richard please whats up me

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