• Graphing (Kind of)

    From cedarsystems@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 20 13:34:20 2020
    Maintaining an old app. (CW8)
    I have a queue loaded column graph that consists of UP TO 12 columns and, each column is a cluster of UP TO 10 data points.
    Columns are numbered 1 - 12 and named Jan - Dec
    What I am trying to do is just return the column number (or column name) with a simple double click on an "empty" part of a column.
    I DO NOT want to drilldown by double clicking a column data point

    Been right through the help, examples, source code, embeds and, after a couple of days at it, I'm kinda dizzy. I just cannot find a method of clicking anywhere on an "empty" part of the graph and returning the appropriate column no.

    Maybe it can't be done but, any help appreciated.

    PS; I'm retired and to old for this kind of stuff. <G>

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