• So long Clarion

    From shwetabedekar1996@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Russell B. Eggen on Mon May 18 01:38:08 2020
    On Monday, May 20, 2002 at 9:11:33 PM UTC+5:30, Russell B. Eggen wrote:
    It can go much further than this. Class definitions are hand coded.
    Clarion is a far more advanced language than even its users realize.

    Russ Eggen
    See you at ETC!

    "A.A" <xman958@hotmail.com> wrote in message
    I think you did not understand clarion well. You can do almost all of
    the things you written down. (As long as you are a good programmer not
    a newbie). Basic and visual brother are good old languages. But pain
    in the neck. If you like 100% hand code writing why not move to C++.
    This is much better. And you do more thing than you do with every
    other language.(except ASM) Clarion is not for code writing like
    basic. Clarion is easy to use quick application generator which you
    can do some hand code writing.

    Could you please suggest some good clarion code analysis tools? I want it for fixing bugs and any vulnerabilities in the clarion source code.

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  • From Joe Tan@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 24 19:31:50 2020
    I use clarion for more than 10 years and it's still the best solution for my programming language choice. Cheerss

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  • From pilot@wlship.com@21:1/5 to Ilia on Mon Aug 10 05:15:57 2020
    On Monday, May 20, 2002 at 8:30:36 AM UTC+2, Ilia wrote:
    To all Clarion users.
    I&#8217;d like your feedback about the following subject. I have
    completely moved from Clarion to VB. And I think VB is great language (regardless its bugs which are in every language), but most important
    thing is that VB is more human RAD than Clarion. VB is 100% hand code
    lanuage with its great debugger , but here I&#8217;m not going to
    discuss the positive aspects of VB. The purpose of this message is to
    tell the reasons why I throw out Clarion. Clarion had a Poor IDE, no
    ability to create ActiveX controls, ActiveX .DLLs and .EXEs. No user controls. Poor support of SQL servers access. Bad help. Almost no
    (poor) debugger (I can&#8217;t imagine in 21-st century the
    programming language without debbager). Very complicated way to create Add-ins like features. The necessity to declare in MAP every procedure
    I added to my modules and long time recompilation after this. Poor
    support of creation Internet (intanet) enable applications. Poor
    database access ( no nested transactions, no batch updating, no
    disconnected recordsets, no ability to open one .tps file with several recordsets, necessity of file declaration in code and much more). Poor classes (no propery let/get/set, no class generated events, no
    collection). I wonder what you (Clarion users) think about this?

    I have used both Clarion and VB6. Clarion since version 1 and the same with vb.

    I still have VB installed on my Windows 10 machine.

    It is surprising what you can do with it still in 2020 - as a front end to latest version on sql server for instance - it is still a breeze).


    If you like visual basic syntax but think it is dated (yes it is 25 years now) , why dont you try Xojo (xojo.com). The syntax is like vb, it is multi platform,
    it is free for development only (without making exe files) and to purchase is cheap. The price runs from usd 99 to a few hundred dollars.

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