• Print blob image c6.3 - Mssql

    From jgomez.openys@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 25 10:54:32 2019
    I have a problem printing a blob field, I tried this procedure in

    !After Opening Report

    !Assign BLOB to IMAGE control
    Report$?Image1{PROP:NoWidth} = TRUE
    Report$?Image1{PROP:NoHeight} = TRUE
    Report$?Image1{PROP:ImageBlob} = STU:Photograph{PROP:Handle} Report$?Image1{PROP:Height} = 600
    Report$?Image1{PROP:Width} = 400

    in school.app example it's works, however, in my app an error is generated, in school.app the blob field is in hot field in my report, if I add it in my app an error is generated and the execution of my app is interrupted

    clarion 6.3 and Mssql server

    some reference I will appreciate it

    Jorge Gómez D.

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