• C10 and API to read smart card

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    On Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 4:30:18 AM UTC-4, Jason Sixface wrote:
    Hi friends,
    I need to integrate a smart card reader with my clarion application.

    Windows 10 have default Winscard.dll

    Thus i made a library out of it and need to call the following 2 lines: SCardListReaders and SCardConnect

    MSDN list out the prototype as follows:-

    LONG WINAPI SCardListReaders(
    _In_ SCARDCONTEXT hContext,
    _In_opt_ LPCTSTR mszGroups,
    _Out_ LPTSTR mszReaders,
    _Inout_ LPDWORD pcchReaders

    LONG WINAPI SCardConnect(
    _In_ SCARDCONTEXT hContext,
    _In_ LPCTSTR szReader,
    _In_ DWORD dwShareMode,
    _In_ DWORD dwPreferredProtocols,
    _Out_ LPSCARDHANDLE phCard,
    _Out_ LPDWORD pdwActiveProtocol

    Inside the clarion global map, i put the following:-




    Then in a procedure, i populate a button and in the embed, i put the following:-

    LOC:Value = SCardConnect(hSC, ReaderName, SCARD_SHARE_SHARED, SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0, hCard, dProtocol)

    i create a local data for the following:-
    hsc - string
    ReaderName string
    hcard - long
    dprotocol - long

    i compile it and get error message.

    i am sure i am doing it wrong. what should i correct? please guide



    LPTSTR = CSTRING; are you sure about the LPCTSTR? If correct, try CSTRING for it, too...

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