• [ANN] U++ 2015.2 released (rev 9251)

    From Mirek Fidler@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 2 06:45:39 2015
    U++ is a free (BSD license) C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmers productivity. It includes a set of
    libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment "TheIDE".

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/upp/files/upp/2015.2/ http://www.ultimatepp.org

    The main focus of 2015.2 release was C++ parser and Assist++ features and Android NDK applications builder in TheIDE (library does not yet support Android though).

    * Core

    Improved C++11 support.

    Leap second of 2015 added to time routines.

    * GUI programming & graphics

    Improved support of UHD displays.

    New QTF command {{* is shortcut for {{~0/0 to simplify using invisible
    tables for organizing text.

    PdfDraw now supports urls (e.g. when converting QTF/RichText to PDF).

    RichText/QTF now support round borders for table cells.

    ScatterCtrl: new features.

    * TheIDE

    Assist++ and C++ parser now support C++11 and non-project headers, parsing ability is generally improved.

    Android builder.

    UTF16 support, UTF BOM autodetection.

    Rename/Delete package functions.

    Layout designer has new code generation features and can jump to C++ using
    the layout.

    Editor now truncates files longer than 200MB / 1GB (32/64 bits ide) while loading, makes them read-only.

    Editor now shows misplaced whitespaces in source files.

    TheIDE now detects binary files and provides binary viewer.

    Toolbar has new navigation icons and icons to switch editation mode (text/designer/binary).

    Legacy GDB-backended debugger was refurbished and became 'Standard' debugger for GCC.

    Icon designer now shows images as files icons when inserting image files.

    * Win32 releases

    Win32 now does not come as .exe installer, but simple .7z archive, which
    acts as "portable" installation. Nothing is written to the registry, nothing needs to be installed, simply running "theide.exe" setups everything needed. (theide.exe is 64bit executable. For those unlucky to still run 32-bit os, there is theide32.exe).

    There is once again 'mingw' variant which is coupled with TDM64 release of mingw-w64.

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