• What kinds of applications need C++ developers?

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    I'm not trying to start a language war here...

    Mobile applications are most commonly written in Objective-C or Java. Web applications commonly use Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby or Perl.

    C++ is commonly used for financial applications, 3-D gaming and

    It's also used for Mac OS X I/O Kit Kernel Extensions - what Apple calls
    device drivers - however that form of C++ is EC++, the inappropriately
    Embedded C++. It doesn't permit a lot of techniques that I enjoy when I write for other kinds of platforms.

    What other kinds of applications need C++ developers?

    Native desktop computer GUI is commonly done in C++ but it is quite frustration to me that when I click on a job board post seeking UI developers, they usually seek Javascript.

    It's also frustrating to me that when I search for "C++" on craigslist, monster and the like, I turn up a lot of jobs seeking javascript, java or
    coders, in which C++ is regarded as a qualification, but the job itself
    would not until actually developing in C++.

    I'm not unwilling to learn new languages. The chances are quite good that
    know more programming languages than you do, but I regard C++ as my

    Following scenarios require you to use C/C++.
    1. An application where you are competing on the basis of performance. For example, extremely low and guaranteed latency stock trading system. (Due to
    GC jitter, Java or C# are not usable for this). Latencies here are less than
    a microsecond for processing a stock order.
    2. High volume data processing that requires huge computing power involving tens of thousands of machines. Here, even 10 to 20 percent speed gain can result a saving of millions of dollars in run time cost. In real life, C/C++ applications are an order of magnitude faster than equivalent applications written in other programming languages.
    3. Applications where you need to maximize the number of objects cached in memory.

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