• What is software engineering and what is computer science ?

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    What is software engineering and what is computer science ?

    And is software engineering a science ?

    I will start by answering the question like this:

    More rigorous about precision of computational complexity..

    When we say that 2+2=4, it is a system that inherently contains enough precision that we call enough precision, it is in fuzzy logic that it is
    100% precision that is a truth that is equal 1

    But when for example we say:

    "If i say that a person is obese, so he has a high risk to get a disease because he is obese."

    What is it equal in fuzzy logic ?

    It is not an exact value in fuzzy logic, but it is not exact precision
    but it is fuzzy and it is equal to a high risk to get a disease.

    That's the same for time complexities of n*log(n) and n , they
    are fuzzy, but there level of fuzziness can predict the resistance of
    the algorithm that it is average (by analogy with material resistance,
    read my previous post about it), and i think that it is how can be
    viewed computational complexity.

    So in science you have to understand the above nuances, so as
    you are noticing, it is also about fuzziness of "precision", this is how
    you have to be smart, because software engineering is more fuzziness
    of precision, i mean in software engineering you can do model checking
    of Petri nets , but this model checking is not an exact precision of
    knowledge that is necessary to understand how to implement a model
    checker of Petri nets, but i think that model checking of Petri nets is
    also a level of a science that can predict, so software engineering
    is like that, it can work with models but it doesn't know the inside of
    the models, for example in reliability growth modeling, software
    engineering works with the Jelinski-Moranda model but it doesn't know
    the inside of from where comes the Jelinski-Moranda model, i give you
    another example: in parallel programming software engineering works
    with model checking of Petri nets that permits to know
    if the parallel program is deadlock-free, but software engineering
    doesn't know the inside of how is made a tool of model checking
    of Petri nets that permits us to know if a Petri net is bounded
    or live. So computer science learns us how to do a structural analysis
    of Petri nets with mathematics as i am knowing how to do it. So finally
    we can say that software engineering works in higher level manner
    than computer science , because i think computer science is concerned
    with the inside of how the things are made.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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