• Functional programming: A step backward

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    Functional programming: A step backward

    Unlike imperative code, functional code doesn’t map to simple language constructs. Rather, it maps to mathematical constructs.

    We’ve gone from wiring to punch cards to assembler to macro assembler to
    C (a very fancy macro assembler) and on to higher-level languages that
    abstract away much of the old machine complexity. Each step has taken us
    a little closer to the scene in “Star Trek IV” where a baffled Mr. Scott tries to speak instructions into a mouse. After decades of progress in
    making programming languages easier for humans to read and understand, functional programming syntax turns back the clock.

    Functional programming addresses the concurrency problem of state but
    often at a cost of human readability. Functional programmming may be
    entirely appropriate for many circumstances. Ironically, it might even
    help bring computer and human languages closer together indirectly
    through defining domain-specific languages. But its difficult syntax
    makes it an extremely poor fit for general-purpose application
    programming. Don’t jump on this bandwagon just yet — especially for risk-averse projects.

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