• My new scalable algorithm is here..

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    My new scalable algorithm is here..

    As you have noticed i am an inventor of many scalable algorithms and
    there implementations, but i have just thought more and i think
    i have just again invented a new algorithm that is scalable, i will
    explain it, read my following previous writing:

    About parallel programming and concurrency..

    Look at the following concurrency abstractions of microsoft:



    I will soon implement waitany() and waitall() concurrency abstractions
    for Delphi and Freepascal, with the timeout in milliseconds of course,
    and they will work with my efficient implementation of a Future, so you
    can will be able to wait for many futures with waitany() and waitall().

    And about task canceletion like in microsoft TPL, i think it is
    not a good abstraction, because how do you know when you have to
    efficiently cancel a task or tasks ? so you are understanding that task cancelation is not a so efficient abstraction , so i will not implement
    it, because i think the waitany() and waitall() with Futures with the
    "timeout" in milliseconds are good concurrency abstractions. --------------------------------------------------------------

    But my new algorithm is a WaitAny() that is fully "scalable", and it can
    be called from mutiple threads and it will be scalable, but my WaitAny()
    and WaitAll() will work with Futures and with Threads and with Event
    object and such, and it will be portable and scalable.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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