• capture audio stream with mmsystem to process "streamed bits" possible

    From Gerd-Ulrich Meyer@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 15 17:23:01 2022

    at the moment i'm searching for a possible way to capture an audio
    stream from a definable audio input port.
    The first approach was to use the "portaudio.dll" because it seemed to
    provide quick and comfortable access to audio(streams) and also the
    input ports.
    But that way didn't work because of some unrecoverable pointer errors.
    Now i have the choice between mmsystem and ACSAudio. I would prefer
    mmsystem because i sure will stay under MS Windows.
    My problem: is the mmsystem-subsystem capable to capture an audiostream, provided by an (usb-)audio-input port, and to be accessed by
    (Free-)Pascal so that i can process the contained data (in my case it is
    a timecode-information as audiosignal and i need access to the single
    bits because the timecode uses them in a special way)?
    Or is there a better way?

    Maybe can someone point me in a good direction please?

    Many thanks in advance

    Gerd-Ulrich Meyer

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