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    genetically an athletic guy and i feel that i am still young because
    i am more athletic and i am 6 Feet tall, and i am beautiful
    from the inside since i am a gentleman type of person and it is also
    genetical in me, and i have worked as a software consultant with
    some hospitals in USA, and i have worked with some computer hardware
    companies and software companies in British Colombia and in New
    Brunswick in Canada, and here is more about my education and my Diploma
    and more:

    My name is Amine Moulay Ramdane, i am a white arab from Morocco, and
    i think i am smart since i have also invented many scalable algorithms
    and algorithms, and i am a gentleman type of person, and i live in
    Quebec Canada since year 1989, i am also a Canadian from Morocco, and
    you have seen me writing my thoughts of my political philosophy here,
    and now i will talk about my education and my Diploma: my Diploma is a university level Diploma, my school in Morocco where i have studied and
    gotten my university level Diploma in Microelectronics and informatics
    was under the control of Paris Academie in France (we call it Académie
    de Paris), and here it is:


    And i have continued to study one more year of applied mathematics in university of Montreal in Quebec Canada, and i have succeeded this one
    year in applied mathematics in university of Montreal, so with my
    Diploma and this one year of applied mathematics i have studied and
    succeeded 3 years at the university level, after that i have studied
    Network administration and i have also worked as a network administrator
    and as software developer consultant, the name of my company was and is Cyber-NT Communications in Quebec Canada, and around years 2001 and
    2002 i have started to implement some of my softwares like PerlZip that
    looked like PkZip of PKware software company, but i have implemented it
    for Perl , and i have implemented the Dynamic Link Libraries of my
    PerlZip that permits to compress and decompress etc. with the
    "Delphi"compiler, so my PerlZip software product was very fast
    and very efficient, in year 2002 i have posted the Beta version on
    internet, and as a proof , please read about it here:


    And after that i have sold the release version of my PerlZip
    product to many many companies and to many individuals around the world,
    and i have even sold it to many Banks in Europe, and with that i have
    made more money.

    And after that i have continued to work like a software developer
    consultant and network administrator, the name of my company was and is Cyber-NT Communications,

    Here is my company in Quebec(Canada) called Cyber-NT Communications,
    i have worked as a software developer and as a network administrator,
    read the proof here:


    Also read the following part of a somewhat old book of O'Reilly called
    Perl for System Administration by David N. Blank-Edelman, and you will
    notice that it contains my name and it speaks about some of my Perl modules:


    And you can find my Open source software projects here in my website:


    More philosophy about HP NonStop to x86 Server Platform fault-tolerant
    computer systems and more..

    I am white arab and i think i am smart since i have also invented many
    scalable algorithms and algorithms..

    Now HP to Extend HP NonStop to x86 Server Platform

    HP announced in 2013 plans to extend its mission-critical HP NonStop
    technology to x86 server architecture, providing the 24/7 availability
    required in an always-on, globally connected world, and increasing
    customer choice.

    Read the following to notice it:


    And today HP provides HP NonStop to x86 Server Platform, and here is
    an example, read here:


    So i think programming the HP NonStop for x86 is compatible with x86 CPU architecture programming, so my following methodolody is working
    correctly, read it carefully since i have just extended my thoughts:

    Here is my next powerful computer..

    In the next month i will buy a powerful computer with the following
    powerful CPU:

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Core 3.5 GHz


    So my computer that i will buy in the next month will cost me around 9 thousands dollars, since i want to do some testing with the above CPU
    that comes with 32 cores and 8 memory channels, since i have invented
    many scalable algorithms and algorithms and i am writing two books about parallelism and concurrency that i will sell and i have invented some
    powerful tools for parallelism and concurrency that i will sell too etc.

    So as you are noticing i am also buying a 3,499 US dollars CPU from USA
    to make the USA economy works better.

    Here is some benchmarks that shows a less powerful Threadripper 3970x
    AMD CPU with 4 channels of memory:


    Also my next AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Core 3.5 GHz can be configured to work as 4 NUMA nodes, and the accessing time of far memory
    will be slower than accessing time of near memory by 1.6x times. So as
    you are noticing that my scalable algorithms such as my scalable MLock
    will work correctly, since what is important is scalability even if
    accessing time of far memory will be slower than accessing time of near
    memory by 1.6x times on my next AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX
    32-Core 3.5 GHz.

    About smartness and about MCS Lock and more..

    I have just read the following article from ACM:

    Scalability Techniques for Practical Synchronization Primitives


    Notice how they are speaking about one of the best scalable Lock that we
    call MCS lock, but i think that CLH and MCS locks are not smart since
    those scalable Locks are like intrusive, since they have to hide the
    required parameter to be passed, this is why i think i am smart since i
    have invented a scalable Lock that is better than MCS Lock since my
    scalable Lock doesn't require any parameter to be passed, just call the
    Enter() and Leave() methods and that's all, here it is, read carefully
    about it in my website here:


    I have also just enhanced it more and i will post it soon.

    I have also invented many other scalable algorithms and algorithms..

    Here is some of them:






    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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