• About Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processors from Intel..

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    About Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processors from Intel..

    A software engineer called Bonita Montero has just responded to me the following:

    "here will never be a computer with 77.000 cores in shared memory. NUMA
    won't scale to that extend, M(O)ESI won't scale to that extent and the
    software also won't scale to that extent. sgi has dropped is massively
    parallel shared memory system with its NUMA-
    link-architecture because of that."

    But i think she is not thinking correctly, because look at the following article that is saying the following:

    "The architecture for the Intel 48-core Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processor is "arbitrarily scalable," said Intel researcher Timothy
    Mattson, during a talk at the Supercomputer 2010 conference being held
    this week in New Orleans."

    Read more here:

    Intel: 1,000-core Processor Possible


    So as you are noticing that Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processors
    from Intel are "scalable", so Bonita Montero is not right.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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