• About RISC and CISC compilers and architectures..

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    About RISC and CISC compilers and architectures..

    So read the following:


    So it says about RISC architecture the following:

    "On the other hand, a RISC compiler has a harder job (is more complex)
    as it has to determine how the functionality specified by the higher
    level code can be built from a more limited set of instructions when
    converting to machine code. "

    So it means that a RISC compiler is more error-prone since it is more
    harder and complex than a CISC compiler, so i think that x86 compiler
    that is CISC is better on safety than ARM or RISC-V that are RISC.

    And here is what i just written before:

    By logical analogy, I think that you have a mindset that looks like a
    C++ or C software developer, but you have to understand my mindset, it
    is not like a C++ or C software developer, but it is like a Spark with
    ADA software developer, and so it is about high standards of safety, so
    you have to know how to talk to a mindset of a Spark and ADA software developer, because i am speaking about high standards of safety , so let
    us take for example a CISC instruction set, it is not RISC, so CISC
    instruction set is about complex instructions, and those complex
    instructions are higher level than RISC instructions, so this higher
    level programming of CISC instruction set permits us to to be more
    safety than the lower level programming of RISC, since i am speaking of
    the general case about all the compilers, so when for example we are constructing a new compiler for RISC, so RISC doesn't come with this
    high level programming of instruction set of CISC that brings
    more safety, so it is less safe than CISC instruction set programming,
    and you have to understand that the case is closed in the mindset of
    high standards of safety.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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