• What is it to be a genius ?

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    What is it to be a genius ?

    To be a genius is also to be smart like genius.

    And since i am a white arab , and since i think i am smart like a
    genius, since i have invented many scalable algorithms and there implementations, i will explain what is it to be a genius:

    Read my following thoughts and you will notice:


    Notice that i am saying the following:

    "But i think that both the methodologies from Microsoft of the Hill
    Climbing and of the Control Theory using band pass filter or match
    filter and discrete Fourier transform have a weakness, there weakness is
    that they are "localized" optimization that maximize the throughput
    , so they are not fair"

    So i think that it is smart, and notice that i am saying: ""localized" optimization that maximize the throughput, so they are not fair"
    , and this shows by logical analogy what is it to be smart like a
    genius, since being smart like genius is also inventing algorithms that
    have a high degree of difficulty and to tries at best of the smartness
    of the genius to generalize and maximize optimization, so for example
    the genius will invent an algorithm with a high degree of difficulty
    that has all the characteristics of the Holy Grail algorithm.

    And in the dictionary optimization means:


    It means:

    "the act of making something as good as possible"

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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